Celebrating 200 Years!

Our 200-year history has been shaped by the thousands of people who lived it, our reflection on their past experiences to make our current path more relevant, and the wisdom and courage to boldly build a future for the next generation of Brewster students.

Welcome to our celebration of Brewster Academy’s Bicentennial. We hope you find inspiration in the vision of Our Watershed Moment (the campaign for Brewster’s future), amusement in the storytelling of your peers as they share a moment of reflection in 200 Voices, and maybe a little diversion from the daily grind when you visit our timeline that shows the transition from the Wolfeborough-Tuftonborough Academy to the Brewster Academy of today.

We invite your active participation in our efforts—come visit and engage with current students (time is the only difference from your experience), celebrate in one of our on- or off-campus gatherings, and plan to make the trip for our gala celebration at the end of May (an open invitation for all of our family and friends). We will keep you posted on this website and we encourage you to reach out with questions, ideas, and your stories!

The impact of Brewster’s student-centered, team-based education can be fully mapped only with the passing of time. The effect our work has on individual students, our shared academic community, the larger communities we’re a part of, and on the world of education itself is exponential.

These widening spheres of influence represent transformation on three levels, each one reinforcing and giving shape to the next. No other boarding school in the country is so intentionally focused on the scaling of its influence.

Our greatest asset is the time-tested Brewster Model: an extraordinary culture of teaching and learning for a cognitively diverse student population combined with a potent set of classroom practices. With a growing body of evidence behind us, we know it’s the way education should be.

As Brewster approaches the remarkable milestone of its 200th anniversary, we have the mandate—and the will—to make a difference on a larger scale. We have reached an inflection point in our capacity to shape the world as it should be. This is truly a watershed moment. Our Watershed Moment.

Craig N. Gemmell
President of Brewster Academy and BA International

200 Years | 200 Voices

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